Friday, January 14, 2011

ISLAND A WEEK: Aegean Collection - TILOS

My AEGEAN COLLECTION features rings and pendants that have been inspired by the light and color of my beloved Greek Islands. These pieces are mixed media jewelry, where each piece has a ceramic shard as its focal. For each ring or pendant, I have completed the ceramic shard in a different way, using different materials and techniques such as metal (aluminium or copper) sheet, copper wire, polymer clay and acrylic paints.
Each piece of my Aegean Collection is named after a different island, so I thought I'd introduce them one by one! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Greek Islands of the Aegean!!!
Here is a beautiful and complete website about the Greek Islands:

TILOS (Greek Τήλος) is a small Greek island and municipality located in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Dodecanese group of islands, and lies midway between Kos and Rhodes. It is surrounded by imposing mountains, rocky and steep coasts, beaches with transparent water and caves. Tilos boasts Medieval castles, a Byzantine monastery, many small churches and a village that is a declared cultural monument. Its natural beauty is unique, with more than a hundred bird species, hundreds of wild flowers and herbs and sixteen different types of ecologically balanced habitats.

More islands in this series:


la boom! said...

Anna this is awesome!
I love the ring!
I also love this island so much :)

Annuk said...

Thank you Tatiana :)!!!
Have you been to Tilos? Say hello to Antiparos :)!

Carrie said...

this is where i ought to be right now! so stunning and blue of your beautiful ring - oh heaven!!! I love this post I need to sit and look at this photos and dream a while- excuse me, promise I won't get in the way.....

Nancy van den Boom said...

I must go the island, wearing your amazing work!
ohhhh such lovely atmosphere you created here Anna.
I agree with Carrie: this is where I ought to be right now!!! thanks!!! for sharing LOL back to the rainy grey Netherlands (with my lovely studio though, and Keesje and so on....)

Annuk said...

Awwww what SWEEEEET friends I have :)!!! Thank you so much girls!!! I'm so glad you enjoy following me to this dreamy world of Islands, sea, sun and beauty! More Islands to come, stay tuned :)!
Carrie: happy dreaming :)!!!
Nancy: you're such a darling :)!!!
And thank you both for your lovely words about my ring :)!

Yael said...

Anna this ring is unique and stunning! WOW! And your photos from the Greek Islands always make me yearn!!! I have to talk with my husband about vacation planing.... :-)

Anzouya said...

Grazie tanto per il suo gentile commento! My italian are a little bit rusty!
Thank you for your kind words and thank you for following my blog!
Your creations are pretty amazing!

Annuk said...

Yael: thank you, you are so sweet :)!!! Yeah, time to talk with your hubby ;D!

Anzouya: grazie, sei molto gentile! Sending lots of filakia to Corfu/Kerkyra :)!!!

creationsbyeve said...

the ring is gorgeous Anna!!!And the post lovely!!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you dear Evelyn :)!!!

pantarei said...

My beloved Annuk!<3

My most favorite you fits so perfectly with the sun kissed Island of Tilos!I totally agree with your create such a perfect Aegean setting with your blogs and i am always so happy when I see you posted an Island post!
So my Cuccimou....let's check :sun glasses ,sun lotion , camera , confortable sandals and joy in our hearts..ok ready for the next dreamy Island!
i love you!!!!!!!xoxoxo

Annuk said...

My sweet Cucci :)))!
Thank you so much for your wonderful words!!!!! You are my #1 fan and supporter!!! See you on my next Island... and soon for real :)!
Love u too!!!!!!

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