Monday, June 7, 2010


Do you remember my Shahrzad rings? I had used polymer clay rosettes as the focal piece, and I had created them with a mold obtained from an oriental rosette on a beautiful Tunisian bangle. You can see the work in progress here and the finished rings here.
Well, when I looked closely at the wonderful metal buttons on one of my mom's cardigans, I KNEW they would make great molds and... great Greek-island inspired rings!

I grabbed my mom's cardigan and some polymer clay, created a mold, and after baking this mold, I used it to create the focal piece for my new rings!

I added a white hand-shaped base, and after baking the pieces I painted the relief part in blue... and here's the result! A miniature Cycladic church! Welcome to the Greek Islands again :)!


Anonymous said...

Truly inspired work, brava

Annuk said...


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