Monday, December 30, 2013


Peaceful, romantic, magical village atmospheres during the Holidays... the way I love it! :)

All photos taken in the Medieval village of Sant'Ambrogio.


Yael said...

I would love to walk around there and enjoy all those whimsical things displayed and the light and the quiet!
Happy New Year Anna! :-0

DIMI said...

Gia sou fili mou Annuk!!!Yes,it really is a magical village!!!And your pictures are so beautiful!!Wishing to you and your family,Happy New Year 2014 with love and health!!Many kisses to you,Zoe and Lilli!!Thank you for your friendship all this year!!Happy holidays!!Enjoy!!!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Anna,
Such display transfers you literally to times past and into a meaningful Christmas spirit. Lovely Medieval village is Sant'Ambrogio.
Enjoy your final days of the year.

Μαρία Έλενα said...

Happy new year
Kisses ...

Annuk said...

Thank you Yael! Yes, I think you would love it here! :)

Thank you Dimi mou!!!
MANY MANY wishes to you and your family, and thank you too for your friendship!!!! Kali Xronia me ygeia, agapi kai xara!!! Polla filia from us!!!!!!!!! XRONIA POLLA!!!!

Thank you, dear Mariette!
Yes, this is indeed a meaningful Christmas spirit... the way I love it! :)
Hugs to you!

Kali Xronia, Maria Elena!!!

Pallavi said...

So festive dear Anna! Wish you a very happy new year ahead . May this year bring lots of happiness your way :) Much love and hugs!

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