Friday, September 20, 2013


Have you ever dreamed about colorful, happy dangle earrings that don't go unnoticed, but thought that glass or even polymer clay was too heavy for you? Well, welcome to wood! :) These cheerful and striking earrings are entirely made of wood, they are extremely lightweight and they are a joy for the eye and the heart! Just think about wearing a pair of these on a cold winter day... and how the sun will shine in your heart! :)

Contact me if you are interested in one of these, or from the previous post too :)


Hanne Bente said...

Beautiful colorful earrings - you will be pleased when you see these beautiful colors. Wishing you and Zoe a good Friday / good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

Annuk said...

Thank you dear Hanne! :)
Enjoy your day, and have a lovely weekend! Hugs :) said...

They certainly don't go unnoticed
because they are so lovely !!!!
The important thing about them is that they are so lightweight as they are made of wood (excellent
material !!!!)
polla filakia, dear Annuk !
Have a great weekend !!!!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Anna,
Love the fact that you hold on to the colors of summer with tenacity! These earrings certainly will bring color into fall and winter season.
Hugs to you,

DIMI said...

Gia sou fili mou Annuk!!!I adore those earrings!!!Beautiful colorful earrings,and nice material!!!The red ones are amazing!!!You are so talented!!!Wishing you a happy weekend up in the Alps!!Filakia to you,Zoe and Lilli mas!!!!

Nancy said...

I can't quite decide which pair's my favourite I love colour so the first one is a given. But the second, with the patterns ... I could imagine something like that being found in an ancient tomb - it's gorgeous and so elegant! I guess my conclusion is that they're both beautiful :D

Yael said...

You are right Anna - they match! :-)
And they are lovely!

Hilde said...

I love the summerly look and the cheerful colours. Gorgeous earrings, Anna :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Christa Mavropoulou said...

olala Annuk!!Noch mehr!!!So schön die Muster und die Sommerfarben.Toll,toll,toll meine liebe.Bist gut drauf-)))

_ ████████▒░░░░)
_█▒░░████████ ____(. (
_██▒░░████████__.(( .(( ★ Kaffe? ★
_███▒░░███████__.) \ .) \
___████▒░░░░█ █__████

Polla filakiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Funky Monkey said...

They are gorgeous, my friend! The multicoloured one reminds me of the rainbow...
Great work! Enjoy your weekend! Kisses!

Annuk said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments, my friends!!!!!! :D

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