Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Spring is here!!!

The woods are covered with lovely little flowers... each of them a little masterpiece of Nature, small and delicate yet so beautiful and bright! The primulas create lovely patches, some areas are literrally covered with them! So bright and cheerful little flowers! And wood anemones, and violets in both purple and white... Isn't Nature the greatest Painter? :)


Yael said...

Anna, you made my day!
I know and remember all those flowers! Your photos are wonderfully taken! :-)

Annuk said...

THANK YOU, dear Yael!!!! :)
Lots of love to you!

Marie-Anne said...

Oh! how lovely !!!!!
I want to come and live in the Alps!!!!!!!
I wish you a very happy spring, dear Annuk!!!

Marilia said...

Enjoy the most beautiful season!!!!!

ShannonAnn said...

So beautiful and, we had snow again this morning, but I did see three small little yellow flowers yesterday. Sending happy hugs from the cold rock, that is, Newfoundland.

Annuk said...

Thank you, dear Marie-Anne! :)
You would love it here! :)
Happy spring and polla filakia!!!

Thank you Marilia! :)

Thank you Shannon Ann! :)
Hang on in there, just a little patience and spring will be there too! Hugs from the Alps!

DIMI said...

Gia sou fili mou Annuk!!Wonderful pictures of the arrival of Spring!!Beautiful blossoms!!The wild flowers are amazing !!Lucky living in the Alps!!Happy April!!Pola filia to you,Zoe and Lilli!!

Funky Monkey said...

Welcome, Spring!! (at last!!) I love anemones... especially the purple ones!! Filakia, fili mou!

PanicaLab said...

Beautiful images!!!
They said is going to snow here later today... But maaaaaybe on the weekend we'll have some sun!!! I surely hope so!!!!

syros2js said...

Oh, yes!!!
Spring is there!!!
So... enjoy every sinle minute of it!!!
Kisses, sweetheart!!!

Linda said...

Che foto meravigliose!La natura è davvero insuperabile.Mi hai fatto venire voglia di andare a passeggiare nel bosco....spero arrivi presto anche qui, la primavera.Domani siamo di nuovo sotto la pioggia :-( Baci

Hilde said...

It looks wonderful! Love your photos, Anna :) Such beautiful flowers in abundance.
Enjoy spring, it's such a lovely time of year.
Many hugs :)

Annuk said...

Thank you, dear Dimi mou!!!
Lots of April kisses to you! And Happy Spring!!! :)

Thank you Funky Monkey! :)
Polla filakia, my dear!!!

Thank you Dominika! :)
Blowing some Spring air your way :) Hope spring reaches you soon too!!!

Joanna mou, thank you! :)

Ciao Linda! :)
Sì, la natura è davvero insuperabile!! Ancora un pochino di pazienza e sarà primavera a tutti gli effetti! Baci primaverili :)

Thank you Hilde! :)
I know you love flowers and nature too! I LOVE spring!!!

Hanne Bente said...

Hello Anna - spring flowers, no where though. Once we have snow in the beds, but I know that the snow is small spring flowers. The weather here at present. solar minus 3.4 degrees C.
Wishing you and Zoe a good day :) Hugs Hanne Bente

Marie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! Polla filakia glikoula mou!!!!

purpleleath said...

WOW!!! Nature is amazing and your photos capture its beauty in such a magical way!!! Thank you for sharing, Annoula mou!!!

Annuk said...

Hello Hanne Bente! :)
Just a little more patience... and spring will reach you too! :) Hugs!

Thank you, dear Marie! :)
Polla filakia!!!!

Thank you Maraki mou! :)
Lots of love!!!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It's come to you earlier than to us, but you can show us and I can imagine what will come. Beautiful, Anna!

Annuk said...

Thank you Dawn! :)

Ελμιράκι said...

So amazing!!!
A lots of kisses!

Annuk said...

Thank you Elmiraki! :)

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