Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eνα βραβείο από δύο φίλες μου - BLOG AWARD!

I was given a lovely Blog Award by two lovely blogging friends, Marilise and Maya. In order to collect this award, you have to tell 11 random facts about yourself and to pass the award to 11 blogs you like. Thank you, dear Marilise and Maya! :)

This is a lovely opportunity to tell you a few little things about myself... especially for my more recent readers! :)

1. I am half Italian and half German, and my main job is language teaching!

2. I am a passionate maker, crafter and artist :)

3. I never go out without wearing some jewelry... I would feel "naked" :)

4. My favorite length for necklaces is very short or "choker".

5. I adore animals and I can't stand injustice against them!

6. My beloved kitty Zoe is a Greek girl, she comes from Rhodes and I adopted her from there as a small kitten.

7. I love love LOVE my mountains!

8. My soulmate's name starts with a "P" :)

9. I love dark chocolate!

10. I need three coffees a day to keep me going :)

11. I dream about living in a little house by the woods, which would be my home and creative workshop :)

Since many of my blogging friends have already been awarded, if you'd like to take part in this game, just feel free to grab the award and tell us 11 things about yourself! :)


DIMI said...

My sweet Annuk,gongrats for your award!You decerve it my dear friend!I love all your answers!!I learned so much about you!Hope you're dream come true for your little house in the woods!Hugs and kisses to you,Zoe and little Lilli!!

Annuk said...

Thank you, my dear Dimi!!! :)
Lots of hugs and kisses from us!!!


Congratulations for your award!You decerve it!I loved all your answers and the fact that we get to know you better through them!I see we share the same dream, a house in the woods!I hope some day it will come true!Kisses!

ariadne said...

Congrats! I love the way you presented yourself!AriadnefromGreece!

Christa Mavropoulou said...

liebe Annuk
gratouliere Dir zu Deinem Gewinn!!!Deinen Antworten gefallen mir,ich liebe auch Schokolöade...griiiiins
(¯`´♥(¯`´♥.¸________ღ☆ღ_________ ¸.♥´´¯)♥´´¯)
☆ ▓▒░ ☆ ♥ liebe ♥ ~ ♥Küsse♥ ☆ ░▒▓ ☆
(_¸.♥(_¸.♥´´ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ღ☆ღ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ `´♥.¸_)♥.¸_)

________________.OOO.____________.O. * . * .
________________.OOOO.______-.OOO. * . *
________________.OOOOO._-.OOOO. * . *
_______________.OOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
__________-.OOOOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
_____.OOOOOOOO0000000OOOO. * . * .
__________-.OOOOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
_______________.OOOOOOOOOOO. * . * .
________________.OOOOO._-.OOOO. * . * .
________________.OOOO.______-.OOO. * . * .
________________.OOO.____________.O. * . * .


syros2js said...

I LOOOOVED all your answers, Annuk!!!
Keep going!!!
May all your wishes come true!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Spyridoula! :)
Oh how wonderful that we share the same dream! Good luck to both of us!!! :) Filakia!

Thank you Ariadne! :)

Hallo liebe Christa! :)
Herzlichen Dank, und auch Dir liebe Grüße!

Thank you, Joanna mou! :)
Lots of kisses!!!

Hanne Bente said...

Hello Anna - congratulations on your price. Nice to know a little about you. Although the image of Zoe. Wishing you and Zoe a good Monday :) Hugs Hanne Bente & Tilde

Μαρία Έλενα said...

Congratulations on our price.
Kisses ...

Annuk said...

Thank you Hanne Bente! :)
Have a lovely day! Hugs :)

Thank you Maria Elena! :)

Marilia said...

I love to know more about you and need 4, 5 coffees a day to keep me going too!!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Marilia! :)
Hehehe those coffees are great! ;D

Tina Pippo said...

Congratulations on your award!!!
I enjoyed reading the things you shared with us! :)
Have a lovely evening!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Tina! :)
Have a lovely evening as well!

Nancy said...

congratulations, Anna! ... and I do love these little facts about yourself - you made me yearn for chocolate! damn.
and you must get that little cottage - it could be a meeting point for all your crafting blogger friends! :D ... maybe you should get a large cottage...

dum-du-dum-du... first we got his hand, now, a letter ... is it an Italian name? lol, sorry, I can't resist a secret! ;) It's like trying to look around the corner of the tv, when something's just out of the camera shot - you know it's impossible but you can't fight the instinct! Rather like when the cats watch telly ...

Annuk said...

Hehehe Nancy, I LOVED your comment! :D
YES, it is an Italian name!!! :D

maya =^o^= said...

εύχομαι όλα σου τα όνειρα να πραγματοποιηθούν γλυκιά μου γατοφιλενάδα!!!!!!!!κι εγώ σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!!!!!!!!!! πολλά γατοφιλάκια απο τον Μπέμπη στην κούκλα Ζωή και σε εσένα!!!!!!!

Annuk said...

Se efxaristo para poly, Maya mou!!!!
Para polla gatofilakia se esena kai ston glyko Mpempi sou!!!

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