Sunday, March 10, 2013


A few days ago I received a new sweet Blog Award from my lovely friend Dimi of Aussi Dimi Decoupage! Thank you Dimi! :) The rules for this award are:
- answer these 4 questions about your blog;
- pass the award on to 10 blogs you like :)

1. Which blogs do you visit often?
I visit many blogs, mostly they are lovely blogs about the things I love: art, creativity, photography, animals and nature.
2. Why did you create your blog?
I created my blog in order to share my sources of inspiration and the things I love, but with time it has grown into a lovely little community where I share my world with like-minded people! I just love it!
3. What are your favourite subjects? 
The things I love! My art and creative work, nature, mountains, kitties and my beloved Zoe, the Greek islands of the Aegean.
4. A word you use very often in your blog. 
Hmmm... let me think... oh yes, I think it's "wonderful"! :)

I would love to pass this award to all of you, my dear readers and friends!!! :) Just feel free to share!


Μαρία Έλενα said...

Nice answers sweet Annuk
Kisses ...

Annuk said...

Thank you Maria Elena! :)
Polla filakia!

Senna said...

So herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem Award :) und wonderful als meistes Wort wird wahrscheinlich wirklich sehr oft gebraucht - auch was ich immer sehe und entdecke.

Einen schönen Restsonntag und liebe Grüße Senna

Annuk said...

Hallo Senna! :)
Vielen Dank und auch Dir einen schönen und erholsamen Sonntag!
Liebe Grüße!

Funky Monkey said...

Congratulations on the award, dear Annuk! Nice answers! Kisses, have a good week!

syros2js said...

Υou are... Hmmm... let me think... oh yes, "WONDERFUL"!!!
Lots of kisses!!!

Tina Pippo said...

Congrats on your award!! Q)
Have a great week!!

Christa Mavropoulou said...

süss Deine Anworten liebe Annuk,ich kenne ihren Blog und bin auch gerne da

kussi bussi

Hilde said...

Congratulations on the award, Anna. I enjoyed reading your answers.
Wishing you a lovely new week.
Hugs :)

Annuk said...

Thank you, my friends!!! :)
Lots of love!!!

Hanne Bente said...

Congratulations on your purchase price. Wishing you and Zoe a good day / good new week :) Hugs Hanne Bente

DIMI said...

Good morning my sweet Annuk!Congrats on your award!!You realy decerve it my friend!I enjoyed reading your answers!!You are WONDERFUL!!!Kisses and hugs to you,Zoe and Lilli!Pola filakia!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Hanne Bente! :)
Have a lovely week! Hugs!

Thank you, my dear Dimi! :)
Polla filakia from us!!!

Marilia said...


Annuk said...

Thank you Marilia! :))

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