Monday, January 14, 2013

Experimental Jewelry: HELENA RIBEIRO

I love experimental and unconventional jewelry! In this series I'm featuring jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, and who see a ring or a pendant as a canvas to express their art and creativity. 

The colorful and unique work of Portuguese jewelry artist Helena Ribeiro truly deserves the title of experimental jewelry. All of her work is a continuing experiment in shapes, colors and materials, which she designs and creates from scratch.

Helena offers her eclectic experimental work in her two Etsy shops. Helena Ribeiro stands for her unique collection of plexiglas jewelry, which she completely designs and creates from scratch. Minimalist Hand Cut Acrylic Experimental Jewelry is what best describes her work: she designs the image, saws, sands and polishes all the pieces by hand. Helena says that she loves all her pieces, because they are made with love and care, searching for peace of mind, and trying to learn new techniques. Her work starts from an acrylic sheet of 50-60cm x 1.10 m approximately, which is then turned into a piece of jewelry with a time-consuming technique. For each piece of jewelry she first studies the design, then the acrylic is cut with a jewellery saw, filed, sanded and polished. When hot, the acrylic is moulded according to the desired shape. A time-consuming work which involves lots of love, passion and patience!

Helena's other brand Brandless Berta stands for her Romantic Bohemian Chic collection, in particular her colorful and delicate crochet jewelry and some minimalist hand cut aluminium jewelry.


helena ribeiro said...

OMG Thank you so much.
I´m so proud to be here on your blog.
I was just reading it, on Google Reader, this morning, and thinking how inspiring you are, with your work, determination and capability to share the things you love.

A big hug, Helena

Annuk said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Helena!!!! I feel so inspired by your work, and by your passion!
Keep up the GREAT work!!!
Big hugs to you!

Dori Janki said...

I love Helena's pieces and would really like to see how she actually makes them. We want a video tutorial or something, Helena! :P

And Anna, the large photos are beautiful. :)

Great feature!


Annuk said...

I would love to see Helena's work-in-progress too! :D
Glad you loved the feature, Dori! :)

syros2js said...

She is really talented!!! (Just like you!!!)
I really loved the last ring!!!
Kisses, Annuk!!!
Have a creative week!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Joanna! :)
I'm so glad you enjoyed Helena's amazing work too!!!
Have a lovely week!!! Polla filakia!

Hanne Bente said...

Fine / slightly different jewelery - I like anything that is not "standard".
Some of my jewelry is made by my head of a recognized Danish jeweler .... gold with rubies green / white gold with sapphire ......
Wish you a good day :) Hugs Hanne Bente

Annuk said...

Thank you Hanne Bente! :)
I'm glad you like Helena's unique work! Have a lovely day!
Hugs :)

DIMI said...

Gia sou fili mou Annuk!!Your friend is very talented,and her work is very modern style!I like the colors she use for her jewelery !!Kisses to you and sweet Zoe,from me and Thanassis mou!!Se efxaristo poli!!!Filakia!!

Annuk said...

Thank you, Dimi mou! :)
I'm so glad you enjoyed Helena's gorgeous jewelry too!
Lots of love and kisses to you and Thanassis sou from the two of us!
Anna & Zoe

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