Saturday, December 1, 2012


My little fluffy princess sleeping inside my closet... When Zoe wants to have 'nanna' (child talk for sleep) in my closet, she tells me in a special way, I open the door and she jumps up in! She has her own  towel there (on a soft pile of pants), and in the winter she loves snuggling there! Needless to say, I often find a white kitty hair on my clothes... but like any loving kitty mom, I don't mind! :)


Hanne Bente said...

Hello Anna
Lovely pictures showing of "your little princess" - can really see that she relaxes.
Wish you a good weekend :)
Hugs Hanne Bente

Annuk said...

Thank you Hanne Bente! :)
Have a lovely weekend too!
Love from me and Zoe :)

Marie-Anne said...

Hello Anna! I am happy to have found you through other greek blogs! I very much like your creations but also your lovely Zoe!!
I wish you a very happy month of December and I hope you will also care to follow me.
All the best!!!

Annuk said...

Hello Marie-Anne! :)
Welcome and thank you so much for your interest, your lovely words and for following my blog!!! Zoe is a Greek girl and she says thank you too!
I'm off to visit your blog now! :)
Kalo mina!!!

DIMI said...

Gia sou Annuk!I find another friend here too,Marie Anne!!Zoe looks so cute having her nap !!She is lucky having you as her mum!Me and Thanassis,send a big kiss to Zoe and you!Have a lovely December month my friend!Pola filakia!!

Annuk said...

Geia sou Dimi mou! :)
I was so pleased to find a new friend from Greece, Marie-Anne, on my blog! :)
Zoe says thank you and she's sending a big kiss to handsome Thanassis and to you!!!
Kalo mina filenada mou!
Polla filakia!

Juanita said...

HEEHEE!!! I used to have a cat in Singapore that loved my closet, too.

Pickle likes opening closets and drawers, but only to visit, not sleep. Fluffy... he is not interested :D

Yes, we cat mothers are always so forgiving with our babies. You know, I like wearing dark clothing, and imagine the amount of long-hairs, multiplied by 2 cats :D

Annuk said...

Hehehe Juanita, you said it so right... we cat mothers are always so forgiving with our babies! :D I loved readind about your babies' habits, and about your kitty in Singapore.

purpleleath said...

Adorable!!! I say "nanna",too!!! hehehe... Love, Maria & Micra

Annuk said...

Thank you Maraki mou! :)
Hehehe... it's such a sweet, endearing word, isn't it? :)
Love to you & your sweet girls!

pantarei said...

Your little Princess on her nanna spot is such a beautiful and relaxing vision...I admire animals which slow down in winter....!!!
Big hugs Cousin mou!

Annuk said...

She is such a darling, isn't she? :)
Thank you, my sweet Cousin!!!
Lots of love!

Marie said...

So sweet!!!!!!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Marie!!! :)

Nancy said...

lol, cute! And she certianly does look like a winter princess, snoozing on many, many soft mattresses ;)

Annuk said...

Hehehe Nancy... my winter princess is sending you lots of purrs and nose kisses! :)

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