Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have found a lovely little broken ceramic plate on the sidewalk of a small street while going to work... The glazing is amazing and it reminds me of the Aegean Sea, as seen in little bays of smaller islands...

I could fix the little plate and mask the broken spot...

Or... I could break it into small pieces I can use for jewelry... Mmm... I think I already know what I'm going to do ;)

- Symi, Greece, June 2012 -


DIMI said...

Hallo my sweet Annuk!Realy this wonderful plate looks so beautiful!!And remindes me little Greek island!Im sure you wiil fix fantastic jewelry of this!!My love to you and to liitle Zoe from me and Thanassis!!(yes!!i have internet!!!!)

Annuk said...

Geia sou Dimi mou! :)
Thank you for your sweet words!!! Yes, the reason why I so love the colors in this little plate is that it reminds me of a little Greek island! YAY on your internet connection! :)
Lots of love to you and Thanassis!
Anna & Zoe

Kiki said...

summer colors, the dish is very beautiful and fits with the image of the island! I wish you a good week, many kisses γλυκιά μου!!

Nancy said...

the things you find! your streets are obviously have more interesting inhabitants than mine ;)

Juanita said...

That plate really has your name on it :)
It really is very attractive, and now I wonder what you will do with it!

Annuk said...

Geia sou Kiki! :)
Thank you, and polla filia!!!

LOL Nancy! ;D I wonder HOW that plate landed on the sidewalk, since it's alongside a park, and there are no houses from which it may have been thrown!

Yes, it's gorgeous Juanita, isn't it? I guess you wouldn't find broken plates on the street in Switzerland! LOL! ;D

Hanne Bente said...

Hello Anna
Nice if you can reuse this pottery.
The last picture is really nice.
Wish you a good Thursday :)
Hugs Hanne Bente

Hanne Bente said...

Ciao di nuovo Anna
Oggi è Luciadag (il giorno il nome di un santo italiano)
Ho preso un po 'di "ragazza lucia" un nipote di oggi 13 anni fa.
Festeggiate in luciadag in Italia? Vi auguro una buona giornata :) Abbracci Hanne Bente

Annuk said...

Hello Hanne Bente! :)
Thank you for your lovely comments!
We have Saint Lucia (Santa Lucia) on the calendar, but we don't celebrate it in Italy, it's just the "name day" for Lucias.
Have a nice day! Hugs!

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