Sunday, November 11, 2012


A lovely reader "challenged" me to reveal a bit more about my "7 little facts"... so here is fact #6! :)

6. I am bilingual (Italian-German), and this fact fueled my love for languages!

I'm not only bilingual but binational as well... My mom is German and my dad is Italian. Since day 1, my mother talked to me in German, so that was the first language I was actually exposed to. I grew up bilingual and this fact fueled my love for languages! Being exposed to two languages from such an early age, learning more languages was kind of easier. I speak English fluently, I studied French and Spanish in High School (lost lots, but I still understand quite well), and I speak some very basic Greek too. And I just love languages! I think they are all wonderful, and all equally beautiful and important.


Hanne Bente said...

Hello Anna
Interesting reading 7 questions about you.
I have not blogged with you so long, so I had to your blog through and read the first 5 questions - and answers.
Do you think also that I have read that you've just had birthday - 41 years? congratulations!
Respect - so nice that you speak so many languages ​​...... I have with "shame" admit one I did not speak other than Danish.
Have had "a little" English / German at school, nothing else.
I use Google transparencies late when I'm writing, translation / grammar is deværre not properly ..... but believes that "it" I write can be understood.
Looked just online, see you live very close to Switzerland.
Wish you a great Sunday.
Weather here pt: solar / clean + 9.4 degrees.
Hugs Hanne Bente

DIMI said...

Hallo Annuk!You speak a little Greek!!I love it!!Give a big kiss to your pretty Kitty!!Wish a lovely week!Pola filakia!!

Hilde said...

It is really impressive that you speak so many languages, Anna!
I speak English and a little German. (I used to learn French in school too, but have forgotten most of it).

Did you turn 41 recently, Anna? Then we are the same age, I'll be 41 in December.

Have a lovely new week :)

Annuk said...

Hello Hanne Bente! :)
Nice that you checked my 7 "little facts"! Hehehe that "41" sign was just a nice street number sign I loved and photographed... I realized that I showed it on my "birthday walk" post, so it may have been confusing! :) I turned 45 on October 20! :)
I use Google translator too when reading the Greek blogs... my Greek is very basic hehehe!
Yes, I live quite close to Switzerland... on the other side of the Alps!
Hope you had/are having a great Sunday!

Thank you Dimi! :)
My Greek is very basic... but it's a language I love, and I'm learning more!
Have a wonderful week!!!
Zoe says thank you and purrrr!
Polla filakia ki apo mena!

Thank you Hilde! :)
I LOVE languages!!!
Hehehe... I realize that photo with the "41" street sign shown right on my "birthday walk" post was a bit confusing... It was just a lovely handpainted sign I loved and photographed... I actually turned 45 on October 20 -- so I'm a little older than you :)
Enjoy your week, Hilde!

Juanita said...

If I could turn back time to start listening to a variety of languages!!!

Learning languages really, is not my strongest suit :(

Annuk said...

I've been very lucky, Juanita! :)

Nancy said...

do you take classes when learning Greek? Because I've noticed with my own studies that taking classes works a lot better than doing it on my own!:)

Annuk said...

Hi Nancy! :)
Nope, I'm learning on my own... I have a very good book I got in Germany, but I must admit I've been a bit lazy lately... should go back to it soon! ;)

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