Tuesday, October 30, 2012


(quote by George Bernard Shaw)

A lovely reader "challenged" me to reveal a bit more about my "7 little facts"... So here is fact #4! :)

4. If you ever invite me to your home, please don't cook meat for me, I'm a veggie!

Eating meat has never been my thing. Since I was a little child, I never liked meat. My mom had to "mask" it with lots of tricks, like mayonnaise, yummy sauces or breadcrumb coating... As an adult, stopping to eat meat was a conscious choice. I couldn't stand eating living creatures. After a time of slow transition, I completely stopped eating any kind of meat about 10 years ago. 


Juanita said...

Another great fun fact!

I also stopped eating certain meats when I was 20 and studying...

Marilia said...

I didn´t know it! Nice to know now! =)

Annuk said...

Hehehe more about me coming in facts #5, 6 & 7 ;)

God's Little People said...

Anna, sweet friend
I can totally understand you being a veggie - and that poster says it in a very compelling way!!! I stopped eating meat about 10 years ago - more because I couldn't stand the thought of the cruelty of how animals are treated today. I occasionally have organic chicken - but then chickens give me great trouble when I try to feed the dumpster cats, lol! They chase the cats away and literally attack the food if I don't shoo them away.
I will get my act together and write you some day soon!
Hugs to you and the beautiful Zoe,
from Joan and the kitty crew

DIMI said...

Hallo Annuk!You dont eat fish to?My grandaughter does'nt eat meat !Wish you a lovely evening!Filakia!

Annuk said...

Sweet Joan :)
We have been veggies for about the same time! Yes, that poster is lovely, and the sentence just says it all in such a simple yet effective way! :)
Chicken was the only meat I actually used to like, but I stopped that too.
All my love to you and all your adorable furry babies!
Anna & Zoe

Hello Dimi!
Nope, no fish either :)
Polla filakia!

Hilde said...

I am enjoying this series of 7-facts- posts, Anna :)

I am not a veggie, but in general I don't eat much meat. I do love fish though.

Annuk said...

Thank you Hilde! :)
I'm glad you enjoy this little series! :)

Πλανήτης για όλους said...

O.k. friend! Thank you!!!

Annuk said...

My contribution for the Bazaar and Zoe's story coming soon! :)

Nancy said...

ahh, a fellow veggie. very cool :D .... although I on the other hand used to be a big meat eater when little - before understanding what it was that I put in my mouth. eww. Looking forward to moree facts from you!

Annuk said...

Hello fellow veggie! :)
The next little facts coming soon... especially the two you were more curious about! ;D

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