Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Zoe is very happy and excited to announce that new friends have arrived to join her Kitty Party! We have an adorable furry family joining us from France! And while Zoe's new friends are still enjoying each other's company (just browse back through the previous posts to see them all!), Zoe is happy to introduce the new friends joining us today! :) Welcome!!!

- Pomme -

This sweet girl is Pomme! Her Mommy Alison tells us that "she is about 8 years old and we adopted her from the Cat Sanctuary when we moved to France. I chose her because when I entered the cage to choose a cat, she jumped onto my shoulders and started purring. How can you resist that?! The photo shows her curled up in the bread basket (we’d finished the bread!) at the end of a meal where she’d sat, very patiently on a chair; as soon as we’d finished, she hopped on the table and curled up in the bread basket!". Awww... how sweet is that??

- George -

And here we have another kitty in a basket! This sweet boy is George, his Mom Alison tells us that "he was born on St George’s Day, 2010, and we adopted him from our friends. His sister is called Millie. He is very cheeky, and often chases poor Pomme all over the house. When I carried Pomme in the bread basket off the table and onto the floor he ousted her and took her place! He always sleeps cuddled up next to my husband’s chest, tucked under his arm. He purrs VERY loudly (George, that is – not my husband!!!)".

- Millie and George -

And here we have George (whom we have already met) with his sister Millie and their Daddy! Alison tells us Millie's happy story: "She was going to be drowned-in-a-bucket because the owners of the mother cat couldn’t find anyone to take her. Well, we couldn’t let that happen, so we not only took George, but his sister Millie as well. They are lovely, loving - but Very Bad – Kittens. She usually sleeps curled up on the corner of the bed, but sometimes she’ll creep under the covers. Unfortunately she “puds” too much, and always wakes us up!".

- Pumpkin -

To make their Mommy happy, who loved her so much, Pomme, George and Millie decided to take Pumpkin along as well. Adorable sweet little angel Pumpkin joins us in spirit, because she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Alison tells us: "It’s not a very good photo of my baby, but it’s the only one I have on my computer as she died soon after I got the camera. Please can we raise a glass to her memory? She used to sleep, inside the bed, curled up by my feet and never once bit my toes. Every night, we’d switch off the light and within 5 minutes, Pumpkin would arrive, meowing and bringing us a present. Usually it would be one of her toys, but sometimes it would be something she’d fished out of the bin – a used tissue, or an apple core! She’d also bring us presents when we were sitting watching TV. Once, when we had friends round for drinks, Pumpkin arrived, bringing a pair of my knickers that she’d got out of the laundry basket!!! I still miss her so very much, even though we have three delightful cats now". Sweet little Pumpkin, you were an adorable girl and you were much loved by your Mommy! We are all raising a glass to your memory, and run free and happy on the Bridge, you sweet little angel!

Thank you sweet Pomme, George, Millie and Pumpkin for joining Zoe's party!!!!!! We are so happy to see you here, and we hope you all enjoy the company! Please make yourselves comfortable and let's wait for more guests to come! :)

Any other sweet kitties who wish to join us can read here what they need to do! We are awaiting you!


Nancy said...

Lovely! A little sad but a lot of funny, too. Thanks ever so much, Anna, for putting this party on, I'm loving every bit of it! :)

Annuk said...

Thank you sweet Nancy, I'm so glad you and your kitties enjoy!!! :)

Dormouse85 said...

We are all honoured to be at the party! It is purrfectly lovely and very a-mew-sing to meet all the other kitties. Thank you for the invitation. George, Millie & Pomme xxx
We're sure Pumpkin would say thank you too if she wasn't so busy playing "fetch" with St Roch.
(To understand that reference you'll have to go to mummy's blog at and read her post of a couple of weeks ago!!!) (Shameless self publicising from mummy, we're afraid!)

purpleleath said...

I always love reading stories of what kitties do! They're always so funny! I'm raising my glass to Pumpkin's memory as well!

Annuk said...

Thank you Alison!!! :)
I'm so glad you and your sweet kitties enjoy the Party! :) And I'm sure sweet little Pumpkin is having lots of fun playing fetch with St Roch!
Kisses from Zoe!

Thank you dear Maria! :)

Magia da Inês said...

Bom fim de semana!
Bom domingo!


°º °♫♫♪¸.•°`

Annuk said...

Thank you and happy weekend! :)

Yael said...

What great ongoing fun this party is Anna!! :-) Happy Sunday afternoon!

Annuk said...

Thank you Yael!!! :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

We loved meeting these sweet kitties from France. And we also raised a glass to sweet Pumpkin.

Annuk said...

Thank you, dear Elisa! :)
Kisses to you and sweet Anni!

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