Monday, April 30, 2012


Zoe's Kitty Party is a big success!!! Today we have more sweet furry babies joining the happy bunch of sweeties having fun at the party! And while Zoe's new friends are still enjoying each other's company (you can see them herehere and here), Zoe is happy to introduce other new friends joining us today! :) We even have a special guest, sweet doggy girl Nora, who loves kitties so much and just couldn't let her little kitty brother come to the party without her!

- Pickle

This blue-eyed beauty is joining us from Switzerland! Welcome Pickle! Pickle's Mom Juanita tells us that "Pickle was born and raised in London, England, and followed her family to French-speaking Switzerland a few years ago. In June 2010, due to personal reasons, Pickle's family had to re-home her. When my husband and I heard about it, we decided to take this very precious 7-year-old in. We rented a car from Zurich, drove almost 4 hours to meet our new baby girl, and brought her back to Zurich with us! Since then, I cannot imagine a day without my little Pickle". What a sweet, precious girl!

- Petimezi -

And here we have a sweet-natured, sensitive boy joining us from the beautiful island of Lesvos, Greece! His name is Petimezi, and his Mom Sandy tells us his happy story: "My husband Giannis found a scrawny kitten tied to our garden gate late one night last winter. We named her Petimezi because I was making grape syrup at the time. She bonded with our little dog Nora (who we found in a hollow olive tree but that's another story). They played and cuddled and slept together and Nora even began nursing Peti. After we had her for about six months it suddenly became clear to me that Petimezi was a boy! A very sweet and delicate boy. Petimezi is a special kitty who loves the sea. He and Nora investigate for hours while I hunt for beachy treasures. We think it's a lovely way to spend the winter days". What a sweet boy! Zoe is very happy to meet an island boy! :)
Nora loves kitties, and she loves Petimezi so much that she HAD to accompany him to the Kitty Party too! Welcome sweet little Nora, you are a sweetheart! :)

- Nora and Petimezi -

And here we have a lovely gang of 5 boys joining us from Canada
Casper, Benjamin, Archie, Jimmy and Kip all live in Canada (although Jimmy and Kip were originally American kitties) with their loving family and a dog named Rio. Casper is five, Ben is four, Archie is three, Jimmy is two and Kip will celebrate his first birthday next month. As their Mom Catrina (aka Cat) lets us know, "they were all rescued at different times but thankfully they all get along very well. They enjoy chasing each other around the house, catnip mousies and spirited sessions with DaBird but most of all sleeping together in a kitty pile on our bed". Zoe is very impressed by these handsome Canadian boys!!! :) 
You can read about their life and adventures on their Mom Cat's lovely blog Cat's Cats.

- Casper -
- Benjamin -
- Archie -
- Jimmy -
- Kip -

Thank you sweet PicklePetimeziNoraCasperBenjaminArchieJimmy and Kip for joining Zoe's party!!!!!! We are so happy to see you here, and we hope you all enjoy the company! Please make yourselves comfortable and let's wait for more guests to come! :) 

Any other sweet kitties who wish to join us can read here what they need to do! We are awaiting you!


zsazsazsu said...

cute cute cute !!!!


They are all adorable!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you!!!!! :)

Juanita Tortilla said...

Pickle gives each and every one a head-bump and "weh!"

Fluffy is still sleeping... I must try to wake him up for this big event! He really is the shyest boy, you know...

Annuk said...

Hehe Juanita, I LOVE the head-bump and "weh"! And Zoe and all her furry guests do too!!! :)
Fluffy, you lovely shy boy... we are awaiting you too!

Cat said...

Great party Zoe, thank you for including us in all the fun!!!

stephania d. said...

they are all so lovely!
warm greetings from Greece :)

Annuk said...

Thank you Cat! :)
I'm so glad your boys are enjoying!!!

Hi Stephania! :)
Thank you!!! It's so nice to see you here!

Repositório said...

We really love enjopy you party Zoe!!!!!! Thaks to invite us!!!!!!
Kisses kisses kisses!

Annuk said...

Glad you enjoy the party, you sweet kitties!!!! And thank you again for joining our Kitty Party! :)
Purrrrrs and kisses!
Anna & Zoe

God's Little People said...

Dear Anna
And I'm so pleased to have discovered you in return. I was so warmed to hear about you rescuing Zoe from Rhodes - as you know Greek kitties doesn't stand much of a chance of a good life. Anyhow, I can see Zoe lives the good life with PLENTY of gorgeous friends attending her party :-) We'd love to join but we wouldn't even know where to start as there is more than 30 of us!!!
A very big hug from Greece,
Joan & 30+ kitties :)

Annuk said...

Dear Joan,
I'm so happy to "meet" you! And Zoe too!!! Thank you for your dear words and for following me back! :)
Your furry babies ARE here with us in spirit!!!!!
Big hugs to you, Joan!
And all our love to your kitties!!!!
Anna & Zoe

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Anni is so thrilled to get to meet so many sweet and interesting kitties from all over the world!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Anni is also thrilled to meet Nora. It will be her first doggy friend. And what a sweet doggie she is!

Annuk said...

Thank you Elisa! :)
I'm so glad your sweet Anni is enjoying the party and meeting lots of sweet friends from around the world -- including sweet Nora! :)

maya:) said...

αχχχ θα τρελαθώ!!!τι όμορφα γατάκια!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!meow!!meeeooow!!meeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^.^=

Annuk said...

I'm so glad you enjoy all these sweeties, Maya!!!! :)

maya:) said...

μα θα πρέπει να είσαι τρελός για να μην σου αρέσουν τέτοιες φάτσες!!!χιχιχι!!!!!!!!!!!!

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