Friday, November 4, 2011

Experimental Jewelry: IT'S NOT GOLD

I love experimental and unconventional jewelry! In this series I'm featuring jewelry artists who work with unconventional materials and techniques, and who see a ring or a pendant as a canvas to express their art and creativity.

Susana of ItsNotGold is a talented illustrator and jewelry artist from Portugal, and one of the very first artists I admired on Etsy. My readers know that I love COLOR -- and I still remember that I immediately fell in love with Susana's colorful, happy and playful jewelry, which to my eyes is a celebration of the Mediterranean lifestyle and color and reflects the Portuguese love for life and happy colors.
Susana uses many different mediums for her work -- in her handmade jewelry and accessories she mainly uses colorful vintage acrylic finds which she turns into striking modern pieces, as well as ceramic wearable art featuring her own designs.
You can find Susana's unique jewelry in her Etsy shop ItsNotGold, and you can find out more about her work and her inspiration on her colorful blog.
Find her also on Flickr and Facebook.


FishesMakeWishes said...

I love all the colors! very unique jewelry, I like the combination of different materials, it makes her jewelry so much more interesting!

Susana said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful and colourful feature. Just love it!

immerlight said...

Very interesting jewelry!!!

OnePerfectDay said...

I love it!
Her colours are just beautiful and her creations are refreshing and bold!

Annuk said...

Thank you girls for your lovely comments!!! :)
Susana's bright and happy work is indeed so unique and refreshing!

Susana: it's been my pleasure!
Love your work! :)

Marie said...

So special!!!!

Annuk said...

Thank you Marie! :)

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