Saturday, July 30, 2011


Lovely Gia of OnePerfectDay is hosting the current Etsy European Street Team (EST) Challenge on her blog!
The theme is... Mermaids! A lovely theme that leaves so much open to phantasy and imagination! As Gia says, "Maybe thinking of the deep blue sea, sparkling scales, seafoam, starfish , shells and other sea-creatures, female sirens and mythical beauties will help...."
You can find the relevant post here, and entries can be posted directly here.

What I entered? Well, my new Queen Of The Islands necklace... Wouldn't you feel like a mermaid wearing it? :)


OnePerfectDay said...

Hi Anna!
I'm so glad you liked the challenge!
And to answer your question, yes,you'd feel just like a mermaid wearing that lovely blue creation of yours!
It would be just like wearing a bit of the untamed blue sea around your neck.

Annuk said...

That's SO sweet!!!!!!!!
Thank you, dear Gia!!! :)

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