Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The woods are covered with sweet little flowers... They are tiny yet so beautiful... and the colors -- aaah the colors!!! From citrine yellow to violet and all shades of blue... and pink and white... Mostly it's primroses, that create amazing colorful "cushions" of myriads of flowers: you see these colorful spots everywhere! Then there are violets -in both violet and the more rare white- and other wonderful tiny flowers. The primroses have the longest blooming time, during which other species alternate their bloom: the latest addition has been the white anemones, I saw them this week for the first time. This post is for you, Yael, and for all of you my dear friends who loved my spring flower pictures :)!
Which spring flowers are in bloom now where you live?


Dina Fragola said...

I have daffodils and daisies :)

Yael said...

Marvelous marvelous photos of beloved flowers - Schluesselblumen und Waldanemonen - sweet reminders of childhood!!! Thank you so much Anna!!
Here in Israel flowers are exploding now too, we had a lot of rain the last weeks and everything is lush and green and so beautiful - my husband is photographing and photographing - I will send you access to his albums!

We have now irises and lupines and tulips and cyclamen and orchids, and many many other wild spring flowers, it is just wonderful!

Annuk said...

Thank you my lovelies :)!!!

Ooooh Yael, you make me dream!!!! Yes, please, I would love to see Uri's photos, he's such a great photographer! I'm so glad this brought sweet childhood memories back, dear Yael :)!

Carrie said...

what a sweet post - i love all this beauty en masse but individually each flower is so tiny. so far we just have daffs and primroses here oh and lots of cherry blossom ;) xxx

Annuk said...

Thank you, dear Carrie :)! Yes, they are really tiny individully yet so incredibly beautiful!

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