Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I joined Etsy on January 1st, 2010. That same day I opened my shop. Boy was I excited! My work would be seen from allover the world! What I didn't realize back then was that I wasn't just opening an e-shop -- I was joining the most wonderful, amazing artist community. It's been a wonderful year that has changed my life and perception of art. I've met lots of wonderful persons, incredibly talented artists and some really wonderful friends. We have given each other "hearts", we've supported each other, we've shared ideas, we've given each other precious advice, we've grown together... and most important of all, we've given each other the gift of Friendship.

I would like to thank you, my dear friends, for being part of my 2010, for your wonderful support, for your friendship and for being the sweet persons you are! My first year on Etsy has been a great one thanks to you. You have enriched me and I have learnt a lot from each and every one of YOU. Thank you for sharing my world, my love for animals, for loving my Zoe and for your endless patience with this Island-crazy girl :)!
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Thank you...
VICKI: for your wonderful support that we all know and for being such a sweetheart!
SANDRA: for being such a sweet and supportive friend, and for making me dream with each one of your amazing, colorful creations!
VIKTORIYA: for making me feel an Island Girl too!
STEPHANIA: for being so warm and supportive, and making me feel at home in the Greek community!
KIMBA: for teaching me so many things about true love for animals, and for that wonderful Kitty Fairy that is so dear to my heart!
MERCEDES: for being such a wonderful and supportive friend, for always believing in me and and for your endless patience with my Island-and-Guitar-Hero stories :)!
HAGAR: for taking me on your wondrous and magical trips, and for being one of these "smiling faces" that make you feel warm and at home!
CARRIE: for being such a sweet and supportive friend, celebrating my every little success with me!
ANTIGONI: for making one of my dreams come true!
MARIA: for being the sweet and pure person you are, for your wonderful support and for making me dream with your sweet little creatures!
KATERINA: for being a wonderful and supportive friend, and for sharing a common love for the Islands (see you in 2011!)!
NANCY: for being such a sweet, sensitive and lovely person, and for making me dream with your art!
ELENA: for your warmheartedness and sweetness, and for making me feel at home in the Greek community!
SEBNEM: for being one of the first "smiling faces" I met on Etsy, for your precious guide and support, and for listening to me when I most needed it!
ELENI: for being a true and sincere friend, and for sharing your world with me!
MARIETTA: for making me smile with your wonderful art and for your sweetness!

IMPORTANT: There is by no means a "ranking" in this Treasury, I put your artwork together in a way that would be pleasant to the eye... And EACH item represents something about my world and my plans and hopes for 2011! I really hope this Treasury will NEVER make it to Front Page, as there are NO "alternates" here! :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you in 2011!!!
(with some of you this might literally come true)


Anonymous said...

Omg! This is the best, most wonderful blog post I've ever read! I started crying at "loving my Zoe" part - I was fighting until that - and I just continued:) Thank you for mentioning me in your beautiful "Thank you" list!
I'm so happy that you're this happy and I will gladly listen to your stories in the coming years!:)
You have to tell me about your Island plans where you will meet your friends!!! I'm jealous and excited, lol:)
Thank you for everything sweet Anna!:)♥♥♥

antigoni said...

Anna, you are a very sweet girl... thank you so much for the lovely T and your kind words!

I was not to make any dream of yours true... YOU made girl because you are a very warm and lovely person..!!
mu best wishes for a Very Happy and creative New Year!!!

Sandra Rosa said...

Well ... I must confess that I am crying:)
I do not have enough words to make a comment to this wonderful blogpost.
Thank you dear Anna for the wonderful person you are, by your kindness and for your friendship.
I wish you a year 2011 full of everything you desire more
And above all tell you it's a privilege to have known you.
Thanks friend!

shebbodesign said...

Mia Carissima Anna :)
you are so sweet ! Such a wonderful heart warming blog post!

Thank you so much for your lovely treasury and your great words!
I am very happy to know you!
I send you tones of "baciiii" and hugs :=)
Wish you lots of LOVE,happiness and success for 2011!

Anonymous said...

That's 2 girls crying here Anna already! Just saying...Lol:)

Annuk said...

... and one more crying right now :)! Thank you my sweet lovely sensitive Friends!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear Anna! It is so amazing that you honor your friends like that!!! In my turn I want to thank you for your friendship and support during 2010! I wish you all the best for your life in 2011!!! A big hug with lots of butterflies of love!♥

Carrie said...

What an honour it has been to have met you and shared the journey. You have always been a beautiful, supportive friend and I can only wish you (us) a continued joyful ride together. Your blog is a refuge, a place of such colour and hope xxx
You know - You Rock!

Heartshapedcreations said...

Dearest Annoula, I'm deeply touched and thankfull to be among the people here in Etsy that you consider as friends. You are a wonderful person with a beautiful heart and spirit. I wish that you will always be filled with positivity, enthusiasm, passion and love for your wonderful art!!! THANK YOU for everything!!!♥
Sending you lots of hugs and kisses!

Annuk said...

OMG now I'm crying again :)!!!
I love you my Friends, and I'd love to hug you one by one!!!!!!
Thank you for all your WONDERFUL words, messages of friendship and love, and your WONDERFUL wishes!!!!

Vikulya said...

Now I'm crying!. Such sensual post. Thanks you So much, Annoula!

Hagar said...

So sorry I am late for this amazing party! I was giving a hand to my 28 years old daughter who is flying to Amsterdam tomorrow night and is completely hysterical because of the cold. Yes, children never grow up…
Thank you dear Anna! This is an amazing way to celebrate your shops birthday as well as the coming New Year. This fabulous idea to celebrate friendship in our cyber community is so right. I have also learned a lot during this last year but nothing marked me more than friendship, generosity, love, willing to share information as well as real intimacy with wonderful women around the planet. I feel my world became so much richer being surrounded by people like you! You gave me this lovely present as you featured my work in you blog. You made me so happy. I could suddenly see myself in other people's eyes. The rest is just history. Thank you dear Anna for being the open, warm, imaginative, free soul that you are! A big hug from the other side of the Mediterranean!

Annuk said...

*Annuk crying again happy tears* :)...

Vikoula you're a sweetheart :)!!!
Hagar dear :) there is nothing I can add, you said it ALL. Your comment should be part of my post, it says it ALL. Thank you :)

Vicki Diane said...

Anna - this is a fabulous way show off friends, to thank and to support them. You have been very kind to me in 2010 !!
I'm mighty proud to be included :)
I wish you an amazing 2011 and send you warm heartfelt hugs (((((x)))) from Spain xoxox

Annuk said...

It's been so great to meet you, dear Vicki :)! Thank you for your wonderful wishes!!!!

nancy said...

Oh, you sure know how to make a girl feel welcome, Anna! :D What a wonderful post - thank you! And I very much enjoyed Zue's sweet little kittie kiss, too. ;)
I watched Mamma Mia, the movie, the other day and was instantly reminded of you - the islands looked to die for... It is so easy to understand your love for the Greek archipelago - even by one who's never actually been there. Just lovely, and I'm always looking forward to all those blue, watery sceneries on your blog :)

Annuk said...

Sweet Nancy, you are so special in your ability to feel an atmosphere, a little hue, a particular light... I watched Mamma Mia twice... and every time tears are flowing :)!!!
Thank you for following me on this colorful trip!!!

stephania said...

Dear Anna, thank you so much for this wonderful dedication. You make etsy look brighter with your soulful work and warm and friendly presence. I feel really moved and honoured to be included among your friends. My warmest wishes for a happy and creative New Year.

Annuk said...

Thank you dear Stephania, people like you really brighten my life and creative journey!!!

Elen said...

Dear Anna

♥♥♥ Thank you for this very special gift :) Meeting you on etsy was a nice surprise for me! I've enjoyed our conversations and our sharing, even through internet and I hope that some day I will meet you in person! You are a person of very positive energy and I wish you that this year will bring the very best in your life. Many many hugs and thanks ♥♥♥

Annuk said...

Thank you dear Eleni :)!!! I'm really happy to know you too!!!
Polla filia :)!!!

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