Saturday, November 20, 2010


Following up my post about the most perfect location I've ever had my work exhibited at, a few dream locations are following! Here is one more magical "hotel de charme" (charming hotel) in the Old Town of Rhodes. Hotels de charme are charming little hotels with very few rooms and a lot of attention paid to personal details and atmosphere, that is artful and true to the real nature of a place. In Rhodes most of them are located in the magical alleys and little squares of the Old Town, some with breathtaking views upon the whole Old Town and over to the Turkish coast.

Klimt Guest House, Old Town Rhodes. For more pics, you can visit the Hotel's website.


Mosaicista Appassionata said...

grazie per il commento lasciato sul mio blog.
a te piacerebbe imparare il mosaico?

Annuk said...

Sì, mi affascina molto e mi piacerebbe provare un giorno... In particolare mi piacerebbe applicare la tecnica del mosaico ai gioielli.

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