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Welcome to my October Artist Interview! My new interview takes me to Athens, Greece, where I meet Maria, a talented polymer clay artist as well as a sweet and lovely person. Maria works under her own brand Heartshaped Creations, and she creates adorable polymer clay figurines that reflect her sensitive soul and her beautiful inner world. I fell in love with her "sweet little creatures" (as I call them) the very moment I first came across her work on Etsy. I love their sweet little faces, the loving "stitches" they have like old beloved plushies recalling sweet childhood memories... they truly reflect a beautiful and poetical soul that has been able to retain that wonderful gift of childhood's purity.
As you know, my friends, my interviews are mostly about an artist's inspiration and creative journey, and I need to feel inspired by that particular artist's work, by her vision of creativity and art, by the beauty and passion she puts into her work, by the way her love for what she does shows through her work. Maria fulfills all of these criteria. Here she shares her artistic journey and inspiration with us!
Welcome Maria!

- How did you choose the lovely name for your Etsy Shop, Heartshaped Creations?

I think that Heartshaped Creations was, in a way, destined to be the name for my Etsy Shop. I started working with clay during a rather tough period in my life and crafting was among the things that truly helped me to cope with what was happening. So, I guess there wasn’t a more suitable name than one which would show the love for my creations and what they really mean to me :)

- How did you first come to art and creativity? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?

I was searching for ways to express my creativity as long as I can remember myself. When I was younger I loved to draw, make collages from magazine pages or decorate items with the art of decoupage. It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered clay and started working with that medium. I haven’t stopped since! My mind is constantly filled with new ideas and I wish I will see all of them come to life one day.

- Why did you choose polymer clay as your particular medium of creative expression?

I started using polymer clay completely by accident, when I came across this particular medium in a craft store. I had never worked with clay in the past, so everything were quite challenging at the beginning. Regardless of the fact that I was not very happy with the first results, I kept on trying and working until the outcome finally made me happy. I’m in a constant learning and evolving process through my art.

- When and how did you realize this was your real and greatest passion?

I will never forget my excitement the first time I started working with clay. Even from day one I was working for hours, experimenting, trying to learn how to handle such a medium. I believe that most things happen in our lives for a reason… I know that if my life hadn’t taken that turn I would probably never even imagined that I could love creating so much.

- What are your main sources of inspiration?

My inspiration comes from things that I love and make my imagination take wings. Nature, animals and fantasy creatures are my main sources of my inspiration, with a cute and whimsical twist that is expressed through my art :)

- What do you like most about the creative process?

I have to admit that my least favourite part is when I have to condition the clay and blend the colours. It is the most tiring and uninspired part of my creative process. But once this stage is over, I’m getting all excited about seeing the idea that I have in mind slowly become reality. So, I guess my most favourite part is making the clay take form.

- How has life affected your art and art affected your life?

I definitely believe that my life has influenced my art. It kinda allows my inner child to express all the positive and sweet feelings that are inside of me. Consequently, the creating process also affects my life. It helps me satisfy the thirst for expression and makes me feel happy and warm within my heart.

- Art is about light and color! What are your favourite colors?

This may surprise you, but despite the fact that my creations are bursting with vivid colours and light my personal colour palette is rather different. I love black, earthy tones, purple, deep reds and olive greens.

- Did you have a formal training in the arts or your medium or attend art courses?

Despite some basic knowledge in drawing during early high school years, I have never attended any art course. Perhaps I may do that one day to expand my art and discover new things I could do with clay or even with other mediums.

- Do you have a studio or home studio or particular part of your home you have devoted to your artwork? Where do you create your artwork?

During the wintertime I prefer working in my room. I like to keep my working space tidy and organized, so that I can access all my materials at any given time. In the summer, things are rather different, since I don’t have air-condition in my room and it’s impossible to work with clay when temperatures can reach 40°C! So, I’m forced to work in another room (that has air-condition) by turning it into a studio. It’s not very convenient, since I have to carry all my things around, but it’s the only way for me to work during the hot summer months.

Thank you dear Maria for this really beautiful and inspiring interview, and for sharing your artistic journey and inspiration! There is so much love and passion in what you do, and it really shows! We wish you well deserved joy, continued inspiration and success with your life and art.
You can find Maria's lovely work in her Etsy shop Heartshaped Creations.



Ladybug said...

What a lovely interview!!!
It's amazing reading two sweet people at once!!!
Well done!
Maria we love your sweet creations!

Annuk said...

"Two sweet people at once"... LOVED this!!!! Thank you dear :)!

ingermaaike said...

A joy always to see her sweet creations and such a pleasure to read a little more about her too :)

Vikulya said...

Great works!So interesting interview with Maria!Bravo!

pantarei said...

Annuk thank you my dearest cousin for such sweet interview!I love Maria's creations , they look like you want to hug them!!!!!
Brava Anna for being such a great reporter and brava Maria!!!

ivory-moon said...

Thank you so very much dear Anna for honoring me with this wonderful interview and also for your heartwarming words. It really-really means a lot for me and what I do. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! ♥:)

Tons of thanks for your sweet comments everyone!!!♥:)

Elen said...

I admire Maria's work since I first spotted her on etsy! Such a talented artist! You see hardships can make you discover yourself in ways you never imagined :)

Annuk said...

Thank you my dear friends for your sweet comments!!!! It was a real pleasure to share Maria's wonderful work with you!!!

Maria: thank YOU for sharing your sweet, magical world, and thank you for the joy you give all of us who are still children at heart :)!

SoleDeVita said...

Hooooray, for Maria Magic Maker! :))
Although we have never met, I think that She is Awesome Girl! She sees things with her heart!

P.S. Thank you, Annuk, for this interview! :)

Annuk said...

You're welcome :)! And thank you for your lovely comment!!! Maria indeed sees things with her heart!

Kallia's Wonderland said...

Maria is so innocent and sweet as are her figurines!!! Unique talent :))

Amoronia said...

I am totally in love with Maria's work! Great interview, I enjoyed it so much!

Annuk said...

Thank you girls :)! I'm so happy you loved Maria's interview!!!
Kallia: what you say is so true!!!

creationsbyeve said...

lovely interview with a lovely artist!thanks for sharing :)

Sivylla said...

Such a sweet interview from a very sweet person :-)

Annuk said...

Thank you girls, it was a joy to share Maria's sweet world :)!

Star of the East said...

Lovely interview with a lovely person :)

nancy said...

Loved the interview! She seems like a strong person - just the fact that she tried something completely different and stuck to it... I wouldn't mind some of that determination! ;)
The penguins are simply adorable :D

Vicki Diane said...

Lovely and most interesting from Anna and Maria.... GREAT interview xox

Annuk said...

Thank you girlies! Glad you loved Maria's interview :)!

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