Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Symbols Part 1: SPIRALS

This is my spiral sun tattoo! I love suns and spirals so much that 2 years and a half ago I got my first (and only) tattoo featuring a combined design of my beloved symbols. I love symbols, and that was kind of a symbol of new life and rebirth. Needless to say, that was a very special summer and year in my life. Spirals are a universally widespread symbol and are present in many ancient civilizations and still widely used as a decorative motif in many cultures.

Newgrange, Ireland

Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Bandelier, New Mexico

The meander or meandros is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form, a kind of spiral shaped into a repeated motif. It is a typical design in Greek traditional art and jewelry.


Meander pebble mosaic, Rhodes

For a deeper insight into the origins and symbolism of spirals, you can read this very interesting article by my friend Eleni: Symbols and Clouds: The Spiral.

Spirals often show up in my work, often combined with suns. Here is a selection of spirals in my jewelry!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and interesting post, dear Anna! It's lovely to read about some of your secrets behind your unique art jewelry!:)

Annuk said...

Glad you liked it, dear Mercedes :)!

pantarei said...

I love this post to say the least!!!we are the spiral Cuccis!!!!How can I everr forget that rainy day at the tat parlor?LOL
But that tat brought sunshine into your life...isn't it?
Spiral is such a comforting and powerful symbol..besides evil eyes of course !!!!xoxoxo

Annuk said...

Thank you my dearest Cucci :)!!! And... what do you think "Part 2" is going to be :)? I think you guessed that right :) LOL!!!!

serpil said...

I am just out of my breath! They are amazing..Thanks for sharing them with the world :) I am clapping now :)

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