Monday, August 2, 2010

Great new tool by Etsy: TREASURY EAST SEARCH! ... and a few undiscovered Treasuries!

I have just discovered a great new tool by Etsy: finally it's possible to find out in which and whose Treasuries you are featured in!!! Not everybody is convoing the artists whose work is included in their Treasuries, so this is truly a great new tool :)! If you hadn't discovered it yet, you just need to paste this into your browser and add your shop's name!
For example, my search is:
Voilà! It's that simple! This way you'll find the complete list of Treasuries East you've been featured in! And you may be surprised... as I was, to discover a few lovely Treasuries whose existence you completely ignored :)!
Here are a few of these "undiscovered" collections I was part of :)! To my greatest surprise and joy, many of them were inspired by... my beloved Greek Islands!!!

"Island Life" by Rose1607 - July 6

"Santorini" by Gabrijoy - July 9

"Waves" by Ingermaaike - April 23
"Aegean Sea" by YayLut - June 3


Sandra Rosa said...

Great! Thanks for share Anna :) I'm going to see my shop:)

Annuk said...

You're welcome Sandra! I was so surprised too when I found out :)!

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