Tuesday, August 24, 2010

German Finds :)

I'm very happy that I finally found a really good course book about the Greek language! I had long been thinking about learning some more Greek beside the very basic things I know, I have a few conversation booklets but I was really looking for a real course book and I couldn't find any in Italy. Being a country of travelers and lovers of Mediterranean countries, Germany offers a huge choice of guide books and language books, so here I found the right book! As a language teacher myself, I'm very picky and I wanted a good and serious book - you know, the traditional good method with dialogs, grammar and exercises. I had seen in the internet that the best comments were about one particular book, Griechisch Aktiv by Dimitrios Mastoras, and also http://www.rhodos-info.de/ (a great website about Rhodes by a German couple who has been traveling to Rhodes for 30 years) recommends this book as the best available. Bayreuth is not Berlin, but I was so lucky to find the book directly at Hugendubel bookstore without even having to order it!

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