Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jolie's KITTY FAIRY has arrived! Thank you dear Kimba!!!

Is this a custom portrait of my sweet ZOE? Well, it could well be, this lovely kitty looks amazingly like my Zoe!!! But it's really "Cute Kitty Fairy", a wonderful ACEO Mixed Media Collage Card by artist Kimba of Kimba's Critters!

My dear friends, those of you who followed my posts about my beloved furry friend JOLIE (May 4 and May 9) - and who gave me so much comfort with your sweet and heartwarming words, sure remember I had featured a lovely Kitty Fairy by artist Kimba of Kimba's Critters. The day I got the sad news from my friend Sirpa in Rhodes, I had just made a kitty Treasury featuring - among other lovely kitties - Kimba's Kitty Fairy. This sweet kitty looks a lot like my Zoe, but when I got the sad news I realised how much she looks like little angel Jolie too! I found it so comforting to think of my little sweet furry friend as a Kitty Fairy... free to fly with her friends. So I contacted Kimba to thank her for the beauty of her artwork as it was so comforting in handling the loss of Jolie... and she was so touched by this that she asked me if I would accept her Kitty Fairy as a gift from her heart! I was so moved by her warmhearted offer that I said... YES!
And now the sweet Kitty Fairy flew over the ocean and came to me... She's even more beautiful in person!! She looks a lot like my beloved Zoe too, but especially she reminds me of my sweet little friend JOLIE, who is now free to fly without pain... The thought of her as a beautiful Fairy is a sweet comfort to my heart...

Thank you dear Kimba, you are a very special and sweet person, a very talented artist, and you are one of those people who are still able to GIVE - from the bottom of your heart. I'm so happy to know you.
More about this wonderful artist coming soon!


kimba said...

What a sweet post :) You have made my day Anna!
Enjoy your Kitty and give Zoe a big hug from me too!
Love to You,

Annuk said...

It's a real joy to have my Kitty Fairy with me dear Kimba!!! Zoe is happy too, and I'm sure Jolie is smiling too :)!
Lots of love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Great ACEO! You're so sweet Anna! The nicest girl ever!!

Annuk said...

Thank you so much dear Lillya :)!!!! I think sensitive beautiful souls are magically attracted and meet even in a bog crowd :)!

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