Monday, May 17, 2010


Today is a great sunny day! Last week we had a lot of rain and clouds, but I managed to find the perfect moment for some photos of my jewelry! They turned out really great, the light was fantastic! Look how wonderful this glass ring looks... it reflects the light in such a magical way... it really makes me dream about the Aegean sea!
I had bought some wonderful glass hearts in Berlin years ago, and I then decided to make rings out of them! Each glass heart is unique, and as I love them so much I picked one for myself... and that's one of my favorite rings to wear! You should see how it reflects the light on a sunny day... just a dream! The pics here are of the ring I listed for my Etsy shop. I took these pics on my mom's balcony window sill, it's natural stone and the perfect setting for my photo shoots! I'm going to show it better on one of my next posts :)
Curious about the name of the ring?

Today I also created one more Treasury dedicated to my beloved Greek Islands! Thank you to all the great and talented artists who contributed to this Treasury and made it wonderful!!!
"Island Dreams!"

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