Welcome to my colorful little island!

This blog is about sharing my colorful world, my sources of inspiration and all what fuels my imagination... Islands and kitties, beauty and art, nature and love, and creative souls who inspire me! Thank you for following me on my journey!

I am an artist and jewelry maker from Turin, Italy and I am half Italian and half German. I have a background in Language studies and a University degree in German and English, but I have always been fascinated by handmade objects, art, creativity and color. This resulted in my passion for handmade jewelry!

Like many jewelry makers and artists, my first jewels were made with beads, but soon I discovered the potentials of so many materials and I developed my very personal style.
I would describe myself as a mixed-media and eclectic artist. My favorite materials include glass, polymer clay, metal sheets and wood, but as I love experimenting the possibilities are endless!

What I love most about the creative process is the modeling and combining of materials. I especially make rings and pendants, but you will find some pins and earrings as well. All my pieces are one-of-a-kind, so no two pieces are the same!
I love traveling and much of my work reflects the memories of places I love. I also like to bring back from my trips beautiful and unique glass and ceramic beads and cabochons, and found pieces such as ceramic shards and beach pottery to incorporate in my work or use as focal pieces.
In recent years, one of my main sources of inspiration has been the LIGHT and COLOR of the Aegean Islands and Sea, as I'm often traveling there and love the blues, whites and greens of the islands, the glorious blue skies and sea.
I passionately love COLOR, and my latest production has focused on the use of different paints and mediums... so the pieces are truly "art to wear"! My work is a constant research and neverending adventure, and I hope you will enjoy the wearable art as much as I enjoy creating it!

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